CAPLAW Grants and Funding

Some of CAPLAW’s work is currently funded by two cooperative agreements from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office of Community Services (OCS):

CAPLAW continues to use its well-tested model – a combination of individual consultations, live training sessions, webinars, publications, and online toolkits, with an emphasis on online resources that will be easily accessible to the entire CSBG network – to meet the objectives set forth in each grant.

With support from the Legal Grant CAPLAW is implementing a training and technical assistance (T&TA) strategy that addresses the legal issues and needs faced by CSBG-eligible entities and other members of the CSBG network. The T&TA strategy focuses on the following three goals: (1) organizational stabilization and support for CSBG-eligible entities experiencing significant fiscal, organizational or legal challenges; (2) capacity-building to enhance knowledge and understanding of statutory and regulatory requirements and to ensure legally sound program management; and (3) promotion of exemplary legal practices and policies at the state and CSBG-eligible entity level.

With support from the FMAG, CAPLAW is implementing a comprehensive strategy to provide effective T&TA to CSBG-eligible entities on financial and administrative governance matters. The T&TA strategy focuses on the following: (1) developing training sessions focused on the CAA as an integrated entity rather than a collection of programs; (2) creating a replicable financial leadership program designed as an intensive hands-on training session; and (3) enhancing its distance learning opportunities with periodic webinars, financial management conference calls and an online listserv addressing financial management issues.