CAPLAW Employer Smarts Program

CAPLAW has teamed up with the experienced employment law attorneys at Fisher & Phillips LLP to offer CAAs the essential low-cost legal service they need during challenging times

CAPLAW works with its members on a range of employment law issues. We understand that lack of access to an
attorney and Community Action Agency (CAA) budget limitations can be challenging. That is why CAPLAW has teamed
up with the national employment law firm of Fisher & Phillips LLP to create the Employer Smarts Program, offering our
members an array of reasonably-priced legal services.

Why Join the CAA Employer Smarts Program?

The attorneys of Fisher & Phillips are familiar with the unique requirements that govern CAA and Head Start grantees and
will offer your CAA an array of flat fee legal services and training opportunities that CAPLAW or your local attorney may
not be able to provide. These services include in-person staff training, employee handbook preparation, and phone
access to attorneys familiar with your state’s employment laws.

By working with an attorney to ensure your CAA’s policies and procedures are legally and practically compliant, you will
be taking vital preemptive steps to avoid costly litigation, negative press, and the low employee morale and performance
that goes along with it.

This service can supplement and complement legal information provided by CAPLAW and representation by a CAA’s local
attorney by making available cost effective in-person on-site training for your entire CAA staff, legally compliant and
individually state-law tailored personnel policies, and quick telephone access to an attorney licensed in your state,
knowledgeable on a wide array of employment law issues who will be familiar with the legal issues at your CAA and have
access to a other firm attorneys across the country on difficult issues. CAPLAW will work with the CAA and the
Fisher & Phillips lawyers on issues where our expertise would be useful.


Include Legal Services Costs in your Grant and Administrative Budgets

As you budget for the coming year, don’t forget that legal services are generally an allowable professional service expense
under the OMB Federal Cost Principles, so long as the requirements of those principles are met and the costs are not
related to certain unallowable legal proceedings. Spending money on the prevention side is likely to save your CAA money
and time in the long term by decreasing the likelihood of legal claims down the road.


Who is Fisher & Phillips?

Fisher & Phillips is a law firm devoted exclusively to assisting employers, including non-profit tax-exempt organizations, in labor and employment matters. With 27 offices and more than 275 attorneys, Fisher & Phillips is well-positioned to assist CAAs throughout the United States. The firm has been committed to delivering quality legal services to its clients for 70 years. Learn more about Fisher & Phillips and where they practice at