Governance Resources



  • Tools for Top-Notch CAAs: A Practical Approach to Governance and Financial Excellence
    This six-section toolkit is intended to assist boards and management in their collaborative efforts to build well-governed and effective Community Action Agencies (CAAs).
  • Public CAA Case Study: The Power of a Tripartite Board
    This case study focuses on how the tripartite board of Montgomery County Community Action Agency, a public CAA, fulfills its responsibilities with respect to the CSBG Organizational Standards.
  • Raising the Low-Income Voice: Case Studies in Democratic Selection Procedures
    These case studies address the various ways that CAAs are meeting the CSBG Act’s requirement that the low-income sector of the tripartite board be selected in accordance with “democratic selection procedures."
  • CSBG Training Tools for Nonprofit and Public CAA Boards
    These training tools provide a CAA board with the guidance and information it needs to teach itself about the Community Service Block Grant Act (CSBG) tripartite board requirements.
  • Governance Case Studies
    The CAPLAW Governance Case Studies are designed to educate board members and nonprofit managers about the challenges involved in creating an effective, well-managed board. Each case study includes discussion questions and suggested solutions to the issue in question.
  • Bylaws Toolkit
    CAPLAW’s recently updated Bylaws Toolkit is just what you need to make your organization’s bylaws clear, effective, and up-to-date.
  • Governance Audio Conferences
    View the CAPLAW audio conference archives for a variety of past audio conference and webinars on governance topics.
  • Checklists
    CAPLAW has created several best practices checklists in the areas of board composition and selection, board procedures, and board responsibilities for your organization to utilize as a self-assessment tool.
  • Governance Articles
    View a library of CAPLAW articles on governance related topics.

Other Governance Resources